Tulsa World: Mayoral Q & A on Economic Development

With suburban communities whittling away at Tulsa’s sales tax base, what would be your specific strategy to minimize this trend?

[List not intended to be in a particular order…] “1. Reduce crime and improve our public schools so we are more attractive to families and businesses looking to relocate. 2. Maintain parks and open pools. 3. Get the politics out of the development process. 4. Work to cut layers of bureaucracy and multi-step permitting, i.e. INCOG involvement in Tulsa zoning, some permitting, etc. The city of Tulsa can handle this like most cities. 5. Facilitate proper implementation of the Infrastructure Development Process. Time is money. 6. Sensible code modifications [see No. 2] 7. River development. 8. Infrastructure improvements (South Tulsa). 9. Support our colleges and universities.”

Tulsa World, 10/11/09

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