Using the latest financial reports and election results, I spent $4.44 per vote, Bartlett spent $19.53 per vote, and Adelson spent $53.69 per vote.

Independent candidate Mark Perkins, who made a stronger standing in the mayoral race than many expected, also sounded a note of unity when he said: “We are not Republicans. We are not Democrats. We are not south Tulsans, or north or east or west Tulsans.

“We are Tulsans. We are strong enough to overcome any challenge if we work together as Tulsans.”

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Perkins, speaking at his watch party at Leon’s, a restaurant in Brookside, said he was ready to turn the page on “this ugly chapter in our history” and called for an end to partisan elections.

“We can love our parties and support their state, national and legislative agendas, but we must begin to get their politics out of our local civil discourse because it is not helpful,” he said. “They are established to effectuate power, and to do that they put their party first.”

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Independent/Republican Mark Perkins, the 30 year old phenom who is destined for great things, came in a distant third. Bartlett may do well to find a high level position for Perkins.

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One independent candidate also did well in the Mayoral election in Tulsa, Oklahoma, also on November 10. The vote was: Republican Dewey Bartlett 29,948 votes; Democrat Tom Adelson 24,211 votes; independent Mark Perkins 11,913 votes; another independent, Lawrence Kirkpatrick 560 votes. Tulsa is the only city in Oklahoma with partisan city elections.

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