Dear Tulsa

Throughout this campaign and in a dozen debates I have demonstrated my judgment, intelligence, and leadership.  I am the only candidate who can unify Tulsans in a nonpartisan way to overcome our challenges.

It is not about name, it is not about money, it is not aboute age, and it is not about political party.  It is about the City of Tulsa, and the fundamental right of free people to choose their leader, and by extension choose their path.

I believe in the strength that comes from unity, not in the power derived from exploiting divisions.  I am the best candidate because I reflect the character of the citizens the Mayor is elected to represent.

I will run an effective and efficient government, and I can deliver because I am a political outsider, with no political agenda, and no political debts.

I am the leader for the present, and I represent the future with a message based on building Tulsa up, not tearing others down.

The polls indicate I am in a great position to win this election despite being outspent by Mr. Bartlett 10-to-1 and by Mr. Adelson 27-to-1.  It is about time we elect a leader who can do more with less.

This is your opportunity to vote your conscience.  Don’t let the forces of fear cloud your thinking when you enter that ballot box.  It is time for you to have the courage to stand up for a better Tulsa.  If you do, I will win.

There are two choices on November 10th.  The politicians who divide us, or the leader who unites us.  It is time to turn the page.

Make the right choice for the City of Tulsa.

And Thank You for all of your tremendous support.


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