Tulsa World Mayoral Q & A: Budget & Revenues

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

I will make budget decisions like I make all decisions: after thorough consultation with knowledgeable professionals, armed with all the information and carefully calculated to produce results. My approach: 1) What are the primary expectations of the taxpayer citizens? 2) Is the funding directly related to fulfilling those expectations? 3) Are the allocated funds being used efficiently and effectively to satisfy those expectations? 4) Can we make modifications that enable us to produce the same results at a lower cost?

Tulsa World, 10/25/09

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Tulsa World: Mayoral Hopeful Puts Finance First

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

He said his administration would immediately examine “our municipal protocols, contracts, positions, and procedures so they can make recommendations to me for improving efficiency and eliminating waste.”

“The financial health of the city is my first priority,” he said.  “I believe it is the fundamental responsibility of government to respect every taxpayer dollar by maximizing efficiency in every government function.”

Perkins said the city needs to support “intelligent economic development initiatives” designed to increase revenues.

Tulsa World, 10/24/09

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Channel 6: Tulsa Mayoral Candidates Talk About Small Businesses

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

“I think most businesses just want you to stay out of the way, and so long as we maintain and respect our safety and health requirements, I think we should do that,” said Independent candidate Mark Perkins.

Channel 6, 10/23/09

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Tulsa World: Hopefuls Address Strife

Monday, October 19th, 2009

Perkins said he favors energy audits, discussions with the state about tapping the “rainy day” fund, and modifying permit regulations and zoning codes to ease the way for businesses.

[Actually, what I said, after days of hearing Bartlett’s “outside the box” energy audit “proposals”, was that energy audits are nothing new but already city law under Title 12.  Of course there was an article about Bartlett’s “proposals”, silence when I pointed out they were already city law…]

“If you want to expect different results, you need to elect a different kind of leader,” he said. “I want to unite Tulsans in a nonpartisan way to overcome our nonpartisan challenges.”

Tulsa World, October 20, 2009

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GTR: Negativism Puts Pall on Mayoral Race

Monday, October 19th, 2009

And then there’s independent candidate Mark Perkins offering ideas and plans for how he would like to see the city evolve under his tenure as mayor and refusing to enter into the nasty little war, something not interesting to most Tulsa media outlets judging from the coverage his candidacy has received to date.

To date independent candidate Perkins has stuck to his message of bi-partisanship and cooporation as preferable to the rancourous and debilitating effects of old school local party politics he refers to as “partisan fraternities.” When asked to specify areas he would focus on he answered, “The primary focus of my campaign will be on public safety, roads and infrastructure, education and economic development. I believe these are the core issues that impact quality of life for Tulsans, and are the most appropriate areas of focus for government.”

GTR, 10/19/2009

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Tulsa World: Mayoral Q & A on Roads, City Hall, South Tulsa Bridge

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

The city is just beginning its $451.6 million, five-year, Fix the Streets initiative. As mayor, would you lay the groundwork for a second phase to continue the effort beyond that and what else would you do to improve the condition of streets in the city?

The effort must continue. The Fix the Streets package only improves existing streets, does not pay for widening projects, and will only raise our overall Pavement Condition Index to a “D” grade equivalent. My goal is to craft a comprehensive, long-term game plan incorporating best practices and addressing prevention, maintenance, repaving, construction, planning, operations, and funding. The forthcoming independent performance audit of the Public Works Department will yield helpful information for getting started. There is no magic bullet. A smart, systematic, long-term strategy is required to pull us out of this failing road-to-tax package cycle.

Tulsa World, 10/18/2009

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Tulsa World: Park Plaza Debate: Public Safety, Rainy Day

Friday, October 16th, 2009

“We need more boots on the ground,” Perkins said, “but we also need to look at the way we allocate them. A presence will do a lot to deter crime.”

Perkins said neighborhoods “are a critical component of the city.”

“I’m a big supporter of neighborhood watch programs, too,” he said. “I think they would help us with our public safety efforts.”

Tulsa World, 10/16/09

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Tulsa World: Rotary Club Debate: Tulsa Budget, Streets, Public Safety Top Issues At Mayoral Forum

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

“It starts with education. If we educate the kids properly, they’ll have more economic opportunities and be less likely to turn to crime,” said Mark Perkins, (I) mayoral candidate.

Each candidate talked about improving public schools. Perkins wants more magnet schools. Adelson wants the city to help recruit new teachers to Tulsa. Bartlett wants to have a fulltime person work with the Tulsa school board.

Perkins was the only candidate solidly against consolidating city and county government.

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Tulsa World: Mayoral Q & A on Economic Development

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

With suburban communities whittling away at Tulsa’s sales tax base, what would be your specific strategy to minimize this trend?

[List not intended to be in a particular order…] “1. Reduce crime and improve our public schools so we are more attractive to families and businesses looking to relocate. 2. Maintain parks and open pools. 3. Get the politics out of the development process. 4. Work to cut layers of bureaucracy and multi-step permitting, i.e. INCOG involvement in Tulsa zoning, some permitting, etc. The city of Tulsa can handle this like most cities. 5. Facilitate proper implementation of the Infrastructure Development Process. Time is money. 6. Sensible code modifications [see No. 2] 7. River development. 8. Infrastructure improvements (South Tulsa). 9. Support our colleges and universities.”

Tulsa World, 10/11/09

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Great cover and article in Urban Tulsa Weekly. Notice how I have No Strings Attached…

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009


“I don’t know if there is a so-called handler out there I wouldn’t clash with, just because these are professional political people, and to me, this isn’t–obviously, it is politics–but it’s not the traditional kind of politics. Mine comes from the heart, and it’s for the city.     (Illustration by Dave Simpson)

Urban Tulsa, October 8th

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