Exhibit A: The Pat Campbell Show, 10/28/09

Pat Campbell: What is your understanding of the 2nd Amendment? And what about Kathy Taylor’s involvement in Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns? Would you continue that?

Mark Perkins: Yes I believe in the 2nd Amendment and it is my understanding that it is simply an individual right to possess firearms. I personally hunt as well, I have a shotgun and I have a personal handgun, and I think it is important for citizens to be able to possess those weapons for protection or sports. And I would not support the continuance of Mayor Taylor’s program.

Exhibit B: KRMG SmashUp

Joe Kelley: “True or False: We need more regulations on handguns?

Mark Perkins: [Pause] Its an issue that the Mayor…[cutoff by Joe]

What I started to say is what I always say, except when I was put on the spot during the KFAQ interview above.  I view gun control as a legislative policy issue, and it is not appropriate for the Mayor to get involved in those kinds of issues because: 1) Those are for our legislators; 2) they divide are citizens and taking positions will limit the Mayor’s ability to deliver the core services that do fall within his responsibility.

I have always stated this, and I as Mayor I will not inject policy issues into my governance.  I will maintain focus on these core responsibilities:  Public Safety, Roads & Infrastructure, Education, and Economic Development.

What do you think about the mud bath these guys have been taking (Dan Potter to Mark Perkins at KRMG SmashUp)?

“I don’t think it represents the character of the citizens of Tulsa very well. I believe that anybody who runs on the politics of fear under the premise of scaring the voters out of voting for their opponent doesn’t display the leadership and judgment that we need. We need a unified Tulsa to overcome our challenges.”